Who is a Whistleblower under the False Claims Act?

Whistleblowers are rewarded by the government thru the False Claims Act.There has to be a Government contract. And if the Government contractor has been cheating the Government – by overcharging, by certifying testing, by up coding, by falsifying time cards, by shipping substandard parts, or by any one of a thousand other schemes that result in the United States Government paying more than it should – and you would like to put a stop to the cheating – you can become a whistle blower under the False Claims Act.

And you can receive a substantial reward for doing so.

Whistle-blowers come from various organizationsMore than Defense Contractors

Your employer doesn’t have to be a defense contractor, either. The law applies to Medicare providers and to doctors, laboratories and hospitals participating in Medicare and Medicaid. The law applies to scientific researchers and universities receiving federal grants, it applies to entities that are reimbursed for participating in federal social welfare programs, it applies to collection agencies on defaulted student loans, to providers of low-cost, federally subsidized housing under HUD programs, to federally subsidized highway construction contractors, and to thousands of other entities that do business with, or are funded directly or indirectly by the United States Government.

How does it work?

You the whistleblower bring a lawsuit on behalf of the United States Government. You have to sue the company committing the fraud. In doing so, you “step in the shoes” of the United States Government. If the Government wins the lawsuit that you started and recovers money, you will be paid 15% to 25% and sometimes 30% of the money that you helped the Government recover.

Why do you get a reward?

Because you “blew the whistle.” Because you were the one person who was instrumental in initiating the process that helped the Government get back the money it was defrauded.

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You will learn more about: Who are the people who blew the whistle, what kinds of companies have been found guilty of defrauding the Government, and what it takes to bring the cheater to court. And how to collect that reward.

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