“This is an old case, counselor.”

Chief Judge Janet Hall has implemented a new system in the U.S. District Court in Connecticut that addresses the ‘aging’ process in False Claims litigation. False Claims (called qui tam) cases are unique – there’s nothing like them in civil jurisprudence. A … Continued

A Clarification: Employment

The following note was received from a visitor to the whistleblowerlawyer.com web site: “When I clicked on the video on your home page, you stressed that one has to be working for a company involved with government contracting. Yet, on … Continued

Your Inside Guardian Angel

The following story is excerpted from my book May I Approach the Bench? ACT I: The New Client Raytel Executive Convicted Of Fraud September 26, 2002. An executive at a Windsor-based pace-maker monitoring and maintenance company was convicted Wednesday in … Continued